The Black Plague

On-Line PLAGUE Simulation!

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SCENARIO: You have been on a voyage in 1349. You will be going through several ports along the Mediterranean, where the Plague has been reaching epidemic rates. You will travel along the trade route given below, from city to city, first by ship, and then along a pilgrimage route over land.

How To Play
You will need a single dice. Roll the die. That is the number of days you spend in each place. Click on ANY of the days in the charts for each city below. Each one is different for different ports and cities. You then can go to the next town or city or stay where you are and roll again. See if you can complete the journey to the end. Will you contract the Plague?

As you travel from town to town make a note of how many nights you spend there in your journal. You can also print out the map of Europe to trace your voyage or pilgrimage.

If you do get the plague, you will follow the directions from there. At each town, your task is to find out some information about that place, using the internet. There are some links, but you are encouraged to find out more on your own. Most of the links are for these towns in modern times. But perhaps you can find out more information about their history if you search for it. You are invited to write a "postcard" about that town as though you are writing to your family. Remember that the first postcards were developed during the time of the plague when people were on the Crusades. Scribes would help pilgrims write notes to send home. If you don't get the Plague, you can simply go to the next town.

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