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Background Standards Objectives Students



This lesson addresses the following California Science Content Standards.

Grade 7

Life, Earth, & Physical Sciences

6f: Light interacts with matter by transmission (including refraction), absorption, or scattering (including reflection).

Investigation & Experimentation

7b: Utilize a variety of print and electronic resources (including the World Wide Web) to collect information as evidence as part of a research project.

7c: Communicate the logical connection among hypothesis, science concepts, tests conducted, data collected, and conclusions drawn from the scientific evidence.


In this lesson, students in grades 7 to 12 should be able to accomplish the following:


  • Goal #1 To learn to appreciate the wealth of information and ideas both scientific and otherwise available on the World Wide Web.
  • Goal #2 To learn to use the Internet, more specificly the World Wide Web, as a method of inquiry and research in the discipline of the Natural Science.
  • Goal #3 To learn to present the results of a research inquiry in the form of a comprehensible, visual and oral explanation.

  • Objectives

  • Objective #1 To access the Internet and navigate the World Wide Web using a Browser.

  • Objective #2 To use keyword searches through Internet search engines and directories to research various science topics.

  • Objective #3 To access experts in scientific disciplines and use them in their inquiry and research.

  • Objective #4 To use current audiovisual technology to interface with a computer for oral class presentations.