Sample Lessons

Explore these sample lessons from the SCORE Science lesson collection.

All lessons at SCORE Science address California science content standards, contain imbedded links to Internet resources, and lead to student projects that demonstrate learning.

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Grades K - 3

Little Helicopters

Lynda Rogers, Boulder Creek Elementary

Use the patterns and the directions in the on-line lesson to record the flight times of paper helicopters and learn the science and math of motion.

Earth Explorers

Ann Pickett

Calling all Earth Explorers--Some of our animal friends are homeless and need help. Our homes are perfect for us, and these animals need homes which are perfect for them. Your job is to find information about one animal to help it find a new home.

Grades 3 - 6

Future Feathered Friends

Steve Wartburg & Bruce Fisher

Shorebird populations are in trouble! Major changes in bird populations can indicate severe environmental problems. Your mission is to choose a migratory shorebird species and determine if it is showing signs of drastic population declines. As a member of a team of biologists, you will use Internet resources to collect data and communicate with other members of the science community.

Tapwater Testing

Jeff Foote

Would you drink water with chunks of weird stuff floating in it? Every day most of us gulp down strange brews of salts, metals, and other chemicals that get mixed into our perfect H2O. Test the water that comes into our homes, workplaces and schools and learn the life sustaining properties of water.

Grades 6 - 9

Mission Truly Possible

Dennis O'Dea

Congratulations! The endangered animals and plants of the world have selected you to help them. Can you accept this mission and make a difference in the life and death fate of many of the world's animals and plants?


Mona Miller

Mr. Megabucks has hired you as a biologist. He owns an island which is to become Zoofari, a theme park where people will be able to walk among animals in the wild. Which animals should be placed on the island?

Grades 9 - 12

Homer's Hill

Michael Yamashiro

A movie producer is making a sequel to Dante's Peak called Homer's Hill. In order to create the most realism, there will be several on-location volcano sequences that need to be filmed and real volcanic technical information that will be used in the script. Can you pick the best settings for the film?

City Council Energy Debate

Marie Y. Kuhn

The city council is planning to buy a large piece of land in your area to build a power plant. Can you and your company convince the council to use your energy technology and let your company build the power plant?