Chemicals List

These chemicals can be found in the ChemLab.
This is not a comprehensive list of chemicals, but many common ones.
Formulas and physical states are listed.

acetic acid liquid CH3COOH
acetylene gas HC=CH
aluminum chloride solid AlCl3
aluminum oxide solid Al2O3
ammonia gas or liquid NH3
ammonium chloride solid NH4Cl
ammonium hydroxide liquid NH4OH
ammonium nitrate solid NH4NO3
ammonium sulfate solid (NH4)2SO4
antimony solid Sb
argon gas Ar
barium solid Ba
boric acid solid H3BO3
boron nitride solid BN
bromic acid liquid HBrO3
bromine liquid Br2
calcium solid Ca
calcium carbonate solid CaCO3
calcium chloride solid CaCl2
calcium cyanide solid N=CN=Ca
calcium hydroxide solid Ca(OH)2
calcium nitrate solid Ca(NO3)2
calcium phosphate solid CaHPO4
calcium sulfate solid CaSO4
carbon solid C
carbon dioxide gas CO2
carbon disulfide liquid CS2
carbonic acid liquid H2CO3
carbon monoxide gas CO
chlorine gas Cl2
chromium solid Cr
copper solid Cu
copper cloride solid CuCl2
copper nitrate solid Cu(NO3)2
ether liquid (C2H5)2O
fluorine gas F2
glycerin liquid CsH5(OH)3
gold solid Au
hydrochloric acid liquid HCl in H2O
hydrogen gas H2
hydrogen peroxide liquid H2O2
iodine solid I2
iron solid Fe
iron hydroxide solid Fe(OH)3
iron oxide solid Fe2O3
krypton gas Kr
lead solid Pb
magnesium solid Mg
magnesium hydroxide solid Mg(OH)2
magnesium sulfate solid MgSO4
manganese solid Mn
manganese dioxide solid MnO2
mercury liquid Hg
methane liquid or gas CH4
nickel solid Ni
nitric acid liquid HNO3
nitrogen gas N2
nitrogen dioxide gas NO2
nitroglycerin liquid CH2NO3CHNO3CH2NO3
nitrous oxide gas N2O
oxygen gas O2
phosphoric acid liquid H3PO4
phosphorus solid P
platinum solid Pt
potassium solid K
potassium chloride solid KCl
potassium nitrate solid KNO3
potassium phosphate solid K2HPO4
silicon solid Si
silver solid Ag
silver nitrate solid AgNO3
sodium solid Na
sodium bicarbonate solid NaHCO3
sodium chloride solid NaCl
sodium hydroxide solid NaOH
sodium nitrate solid NaNO3
sulfur solid S
sulfur dioxide gas SO2
sulfuric acid liquid H2SO4
tin solid Sn
water liquid H2O
zinc solid Zn
zinc oxide solid ZnO

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