The Case of the Mystery Matter Part 2


Here are the mystery matter packages that were received by the Agency's clients. Clues were found written on the outside of each package.

Use the clues and the information you recorded on your Investigator's Log to find the contents of each package and prepare your Report To The Twins.

Package 1 Clues
Package 2 Clues
  1. It's colorless and odorless
  2. Its Atomic Number is 2
  3. It's in the last column on the periodic table
  4. It's used to fill balloons
  1. It's a light metal
  2. It's the 13th element
  3. It combines with other elements for strength
  4. It's used for containers

Package 3 Clues
Package 4 Clues
  1. It can combine with many other elements
  2. It's used in diamonds and pencils
  3. It's used by animals and plants
  4. Its Atomic Weight is 12
  1. It's a trace metal
  2. It was discovered in 1808
  3. It's used in medicine and in flash bulbs
  4. It's in the third period, or row; and the second group, or column

Package 5 Clues
Package 6 Clues
  1. It's a compound most people have in their homes
  2. One element is a very light metal
  3. One element is a special gas
  4. Its chemical symbol is NaCl
  1. It's a compound in its solid state
  2. It changes to its gas state at 100 degrees Celsius
  3. Both elements are gases, but the compound can be found in all three states
  4. Its chemical symbol is H2O

Choose one of the activities on the Show Your Stuff page to report your findings to the twin owners, Identify Matter and Classify Matter.  


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