The Case of the Mystery Matter

An Investigation Into Matter - Third Grade Physical Science - Created by Sandra Bradley


You have just been hired as a Private Investigator for the GRAY MATTER DETECTIVE AGENCY. The twin owners, Identify Matter and Classify Matter, need you to help them crack, "The Case of the Mystery Matter".

It seems that several of the agency's clients have received some packages of mysterious matter. The twins find clues written on the outside of each package, but are afraid to open them because they don't know what they contain.

Your assignment will be to identify the contents of each package and find out if they are safe to open.

As an investigator of the Gray Matter Agency, you may work alone or join with other investigators to solve the case.

After you have solved the case, you will then prepare a report to the twin owners showing your solution.

Begin solving The Case of the Mystery Matter Part 1.


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