Mission Truly Possible Part II
These are the instructions for Part II of your mission

Today's secret passwords are "Preserve and Restore". You are to search the Internet and other class resources again. Collect information that is more specific to the natural history of just one or two of your state's endangered animals. Try to collect the following information for your log book and notes:

Scientific classification and common name
Physical features/ appearance
Photos or pictures of your animals
Habitat and distribution
Behavior - (Does this species migrate?)
Anatomy - Special adaptations
Eating habits/diet
Senses development (eyes, ears)
Longevity and causes of death
Causes for decline and endangerment
Existance of protection and restoration plans

Also look for information which will help you answer the following questions:

Questions for consideration:

  1. Does your assigned state have an "Endangered Species Act or Law"? If so, briefly summarize some of the main points it contains. What are the penalties to companies or individuals who break this law?
  2. Are your endangered animals also on the Federal endangered animals list?
  3. Looking over the data you collected on your animals, what seem's to be the main causes for their decline and endangerment. What do you think can be done to help preserve and restore these animals?
  4. Give some reasons why we should help endangered species?

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