Team Page
If you are working as a team, try to use some of the following hints.

Make sure to equally divide the Internet research sites and work load.
Each team member should record information in the same way.

Here are some directions for taking computer notes on the Internet while using Windows.
  1. Open your Word Processor and create a new document for your Internet notes.
  2. Next open your Web Browser (i.e., Netscape) and begin searching for information on your topic.
  3. You can now work back and forth bewteen your Web Browser and Word Processor by using Alt & Tab keys, gathering facts and typing your notes. (Remember the copy and paste edit functions of Windows too.) Mac users can use a process simular to this.
Check with your team members periodically to exchange information, ideas, and compare progress.
Share bookmarks and helpful information with other teams in the class.

Decide on a way to show what you have learned.
Click on Show Your Stuff to check ideas.

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