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Well this is a brand new site. Maybe you've been to, maybe not. What we've done is build a web site which reflects the work done on the Kapili Islands. Our thanks go out to everyone on Kapili who is helping the site grow.

Either way, there's a new look. You'll find the KAPILI.COM Home Page ( to be the best place to start. That's the place to bookmark.

When we add a new section to the Kapili web site you'll hear about it first in the NEW STUFF section. Our updates will always be listed and we'll also explain what's inside the new sections. However, our best suggestion is to explore. There are treasures on Kapili which you haven't discovered, and we'll be adding more every chance we get.

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Every section on KAPILI.COM has its own section tour and map. If you want to leave Kapili, just click a menu choice at the bottom of any page. These menus will take you to an island home page which holds an "EXIT" button. On our exit page we offer links to many top search engines, you might even want to bookmark that page.

For navigation there will be many possibilities. You'll find graphics, text and sometimes just icons. As we said before, EXPLORE. The Kapili Islands were founded for people to escape from the regular world. is here for you to escape the web world.

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