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Welcome to the KAPILI ISLANDS! A world away, growing even as you read this note. is an escape from the busy web world. It's a combination of information and experience we have gathered here on the islands. Just like our life on the islands requires an isolated environment, our web site is set apart from the pressure of everyday web life. Explore the islands. Experience Kapili!

VISITOR CENTER: An introduction to what Kapili is all about. You'll find a short guided tour, information about new construction and general press and Island information.

RESEARCH LABS: The scientific backbone of the island. Here you will find the research labs which explore Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Geography and Physics.

TECHNOLOGY CAMPUS: We live in a high-tech world. Just because Kapili is an island apart doesn't mean it's remote. Here at the Technology Campus there are programmers hard at work every day. You can learn their languages and tools.

INFORMATION COMPLEX: You might get lost, even on an island. You can find links to the Information Complex anywhere on Here you'll be able to contact the staff, discover shortcuts and learn how the islands were designed and developed.

KAPILI GARDENS: Take a moment to relax and take in the beauty of Kapili. In the gardens you will find our zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens and information about life on Earth.

For our newer visitors, we should explain the islands are pronounced KA-PI-LI (KAH-PEE-LEE). It's similar to the pronunciation of the Hawaiian words Maui (MOW-EE) or Napili (NAH-PEE-LEE).

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