Cortisol-hormones released by the adrenal cortex; regulates energy metabolism.


effector-a tissue or organ that produces a response to a hormone.


homeostasis-constancy of the internal environment.


hormone-regulatory chemicals that alter target cells metabolism.


hyper-over, above, excessive.


hypo-under, below, less.


Negative feedback loop-mechanisms in the body that act to maintain a state of homeostasis; effectors are activated by changes in the internal environment, and the actions of the effectors serve to counter act these changes and maintain a state of balance.


Parathyroid hormone-released by the parathyroid glands; acts to raise blood levels of calcium.


signs-what the doctor finds upon physical examination and test performed.


symptoms-what the patient is feeling and can describe to the doctor.


target cells/organs-the cells/organs that are specifically affected by the action of a hormone or other regulatory process,


T.S.H.-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone-hormone released by the anterior pituitary gland; stimulates the thyroid gland.


Thyroxine-hormone released by the thyroid gland; regulates metabolic rates.


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