PE00095A.gif (1357 bytes) Activity Page:

As you navigate through the bloodstream and into a liver cell, you will need to keep a journal of your travels. 

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  Be sure to include the following:

1. As you travel in the blood vessel, look out your porthole.  What else do you see in the blood that needs to be delivered to the liver cell? (Remember, a cell needs what you need. What do you need to live?)

2. How do these other things get into the blood? Which human organs, or systems, are used to get them into the blood?

3. As you come to a liver cell, you will enter it the same way molecules enter. How will you enter it?

4. The liver has many jobs and belongs to several different body systems. What are some functions of this important organ?


PE01661A.gif (1977 bytes) Creative Corner:

For homework tonight or if you have extra time....Choose one of the following projects. Use an 8 x 11 sheet of paper and your low tech markers, or use your computer paint or draw program.

1. Create a logo for your mission patch. Remember, all mission patches are round.

2. Create the best design for your inter-body rocket. Remember, you won't be flying through air!!


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