Visit Cell City
by Sue Glass, Dieguero Middle School
Encinitas, California
Wanted: Middle School Internauts needed for an amazing intercellular adventure!!

Your government is looking for a fearless adventurer for an exciting mission. The technology to shrink and inject a full size rocket ship and science student into the blood stream of a living human is now available. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to navigate your way from the blood stream to a human liver cell, enter that cell, and study the internal organs of that cell. Sound like a fun vacation?

You will discover that a city is an excellent analogy for a cell. After injection, you will travel to the cell in a large artery, and then travel through a tiny capillary to the cell. It will be like traveling to our city on the Interstate highway. Would an interstate highway, therefore, be a good analogy for a blood vessel?

As you visit each organelle in the cell, and using all you have learned about the cell, and the Resources available to you, answer the questions and requirements on the Activity Page

and Team Page. Good luck and Bon Voyage!

Activity Page
Team Page
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