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The Task:

Work with one or two other students as a team of trained Microbe Hunters to unscramble clues by the "line-up" of suspects now being held in the Decontamination Chamber.

Your mission is to present an OUTBREAK REPORT to the Center for Disease describing the three clues which led your team to the correct identification of the culprit causing cramps in the kids at the picnic. The Disease Center also needs to know the names and traits of the other four suspects to clear them of any wrongdoing. Based on your report, Microbe Man will dispatch his squadron armed with proper antibiotic artillery to catch the culprit.

Mission Briefing:

Your mission today will include three parts. The first part will require you to unscramble the clues leading to the capture of a culprit. In the second part you will need to identify the perpetrator that has been causing the chills, vomiting, and diarrhea. For the third part you will have to answer a series of questions about the guilty microbe. But before you start your mission, you need to follow the required procedures which are shown below. Good luck, and may the microbe be with you!

Mission Part I:

Mission Part II:

Mission Part III:

  • Answer the following questions about the guilty microbe.
  • a. Which clues were helpful in identifying the suspect?
    b. Which microbes were wrongfully held in the Decontamination Chamber? Why?
    c. Which microbes are helpful?
    d. Which microbes are harmful?
    e. Match three helpful clues which identify each suspect in the "line-up."
    f. Create a profile for each microbe suspect using clues and characteristics from Resources and Glossary.

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