Show Your Stuff

Pick one of the following activities to show what you have learned in your investigation.

Prepare a presentation of your detective team's OUTBREAK REPORT (such as HyperStudio, PowerPoint, Claris Works, or Movie Works) to multimedia your microbes to the Center for Disease. Use convincing evidence supported by real data. (Hint: Use the Clue Sheet, Resources, and Glossary)

          a. Clearly state the guilty microbe's name.
          b. Use researched evidence to prove the microbe's guilt.
          c. Use researched evidence to release the other suspects.
          d. Include a bibliography of source used.
Create crime scences for one (or all) of the suspects to include:

          a. Who is the victim?
          b. What evidence is there for the crime?
          c. What effect does the crime have on the enviroment, humans, etc.
Wanted Poster

Hand draw or computer generate a Wanted Poster for Microbe Detective Story which incorporates your findings.

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