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Goals and Objectives:

The Town Hall Meeting is a student-centered learning activity requiring the students to work in cooperative groups -- each representing a community group that will be impacted by the proposed development. Each group will try to convince the City Council as to the final decision to be made in this community.

Each group will create a log and slogan that best represents their position in the community and gives a positive view of their issues.

Students will gather information using Internet Resources for presentations and the debate. See student Activity Page.

The suggested time line for this activity is one week from introduction to Town Hall presentation.

The presentation should be limited to no more than five (5) powerpoint slides and no longer than eight (8) minutes in length.

The Kohler River Map is designed to allow the students to interpret the ecological conditions that will help them to develop their point of view. The Kohler River Data is to be used to further develop ecological factors that are affecting the local salmon habitat. It is suggested that the students use the data to develop graphics for the formal Town Hall meeting.

To add realism to the Town Hall Meeting:

    Hold the meeting in a different location (library, auditorium, etc.)

    Encourage students to "dress the part"

    Invite faculty, administrators, parents, and community members to observe the meeting and help in the evaluation at the end.

Standards: This activity addresses or covers the following California Science Standards:

09Life6A -Biodiversity is the sum total of different kinds of organisms, and is affected by alterations of habitats.

09Life6B -How to analyze changes in an ecosystem resulting from changes in climate, human activity, introduction of non-native species, or changes in population size.

09Life6C -How fluctuations in population size in an ecosystem are determined by the relative rates of birth, immigration, emigration, and death.

09IEXX1D -Formulate explanations using logic and evidence.

09IEXX1H -Read and interpret topographic and geologic maps.

09IEXX1L -Analyze situations and solve problems that require combining and applying concepts from more than one area of science.

09IEXX1M -Investigate a science-based societal issue by researching the literature, analyzing data, and communicating the findings.


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