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How did you do?

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The investigation of "Blue Baby Syndrome" has two key areas of science that it supports at several grade levels in the new California State Standards:

-specialized functions and interdependence of human body systems
(this appears in different forms in 5th, 7th, and in 9-12 physiology)

5th Grade, 7th Grade, 9-12 Physiology- You can check out Content Standards for yourself to compare what you learned. The big ideas here are as follows:
5th-Can you show (by writing, drawing, speaking)that you understand how the body uses oxygen?
7th-Can you show that you see the connection between different systems in the body, and how nitrate contamination in water can affect that (a failure of one system)?
9-12th-Can you show that you understand how the oxygen transport system can be affected by other chemical activity, as in the case of the Blue Babies?

-the place of water and water quality in ecosystems
(appears in 5th earth science, and in this unit best serves as a topic for 7th grade Investigation & Experimentation)

You might be lucky enough to be studying how water fits into every living system, and those special relationships of living things and their environment which we call "ecosystems".

This unit has links to a whole range of activities that help you understand water and ecosystems.