Tips For Teaming
Suggestions for working as a Investigative Team: 

1. Find information- You could divide up the 4 possible ways the babies might have gotten sick on the Activity page, then report back with notes of your findings. After agreeing on the cause, you could go to the Resources pages, and again, divide up the links found their, and use notes to report what you found to your team.

2. Ask questions about the information- As a team, ask each other questions about the information each has brought back, this is a form of "analysis". Return to the 3 starting questions on the Activity page, and on paper (or on the computer in your word processor) list what you have agreed on as useful information for each question.

3.Sharing Your Solutions- There are not real easy solutions to this wide spread problem, but your ideas are valuable. In "Show your stuff" you will find some challenges,..... see what you can create to make your ideas for solutions convincing.






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