This is the starting point of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) student's website. Follow these links if you are an explorer, and want to better understand how water fits into the environment (beyond our home uses.)
Water Science for Schools. A nice set of activities to round out your knowledge of this precious material.
This is a site for finding out some very useful information as a "consumer" of water.
Excellent set of links to all kinds of information about water quality, including NITRATES

Long, informative, text from Environmental Protection Agency agency.... you might want to print this, or copy and paste sections into your word processor for later reading and use
Check out this page to learn more about the kinds of careers available for people with inquiring minds like you.
Check out this page if you like to color and draw, and want to post your study of pollution on the web.

This is a fun site, check it out if you have time
Show your teachers this site... it has information about other activities, and ways to get $$ money to have more fun in this kind of study.

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