SEX: Female

AGE: 45 years

WEIGHT: 54 kilograms/122 pounds

HEIGHT: 162.5 centmeters/5 feet 5 inches



Patient is complaining of unexplained weight loss (despite an increased appetite), frequent bowel movements, nervousness, and trouble sleeping.



Upon physical examination signs of enlargement were felt in the neck area. The patient’s eyes were bulging slightly and her heart rate is 110 beats per minute [normal 75 bpm]. Blood test revealed the following:

Levels of the hormone T4 (Thyroxine) were 14.0 micrograms/milliliter [normal is 4.8-11.2 micrograms/milliliter].

Levels of the hormone T.S.H. (Thyroid stimulating hormone) were found to be below normal range.

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