Treasure Trawlers, INC.

A lesson in density and buoyancy,designed by Jay Bell for SCORE Science

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You can't even go on vacation in Hawaii without the secretary calling. You are the owner of the Treasure Trawlers Salvage Company. One of your search teams just reported finding a new sunken ship. That's what your company does. You find sunken ships, bring them up from the deep and sell what you find in them. This newest find sounds very interesting, but also a little puzzling. Most of the ships you salvage were sunk in battle or during storms. From what the secretary is saying, this one is different. What caused it to sink?

You ask her to email you a copy of the Team Report that was sent to the office from your team at the ship's location.

Well, you're on vacation, but you have a little time before you go scuba diving. And you're curious. What happened to this ship? You might as well take some time to do a little research. The e-mail has just arrived. You will want to read the Team Report first before going forward.


Team Report

Sink or Float?


Company LogBook

Show Your Stuff

How Did You Do

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