What Have You Learned About Density & Buoyancy?

Use the questions and experiments below to show what you have learned about density and buoyancy. You can type in your answers in the boxes provided.

Write down the formula for finding density involving mass, and volume. Use the letters D , m and v.

Try the following experiment, if you haven't already done so: Weigh a 25ml graduated cylinder. Fill to 25ml with distilled fresh water. Weigh again.

How can you know the density of fresh water from this data? What is the density in gm/mL?

Now make a SATURATED salt water solution (add enough salt so that undissolved salt is at the bottom---heat it up a little to try to get more to dissolve, then let cool). Then do the above experiment again, to find the density of salt water. What is the density in gm/mL ?

How were the results similar or different? Which had the highest density?

Which solution has more buoyant force and will hold things up more or keep them more afloat? How do you know?

Note: If you are a student doing this density lesson as part of a school experience, you can type in your answers, and then print out the page to turn in as a kind of assessment of your understanding of the subject


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