The Task

Your job is to puttogether a packet of information for your cousin. The city inCalifornia can be your own or one you choose to pretend to livein. In order to convince your cousin, even though California isknown as the Earthquake State,it is still safe to visit and enjoy. You will need to completethe following:

1. Find out about whereyou live and let him know the history of earthquakes in your area.

2. Find out about theareas he will be visiting. Are they on a fault line? Has therebeen recent earthquake activity?

3. Interview people inyour town who have lived in California for a while. Make a graphto show your results.

4. Find out aboutearthquake safety.

5. Check your house outwith your family. Make sure your house is as earthquake proof asyou can make it.

6. Find maps of currentand past earthquake activity. Make copies to show him where theyhappen and how often.

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