Earthquake Quiz

Test Your Knowledge

1. Breaks in the earth'scrust where earthquakes can occur are called___________________.

2. Where an earthquakebegings is called the____________________.

3. Learn to stop,____________, and hold.

4. Take classes in______________ so you can help injured family, and friends.

5. The ________________scale measures the magnitude of an earthquake.

6. There are________________ of earthquakes happening daily.

7. Get _______________ adesk, a table or door jam, if you feel the ground start to shake.

8. Put a batter-operated___________________ in your earthquake supply kit.

9. When an earthquakehappens the plates are __________________.

10. An earthquake scalethat measures the amount of damage is called the_____________________.

Answers to quiz: 1. faults, 2. epicenter, 3. drop, 4. first aid, 5. Richter, 6. 1000's, 7. under, 8. flashlight, 9. shifting, 10. Mercali

Try this Bay Area Earthquake site to test your earthquake knowledge. There is a quiz and a crossword puzzle that will challenge you!

Earthquake Quiz

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